Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 6 - The Final Race

Today was the day that I put it all together.

A 78 mile day (25 out, 28 race, 25 in) to cap off an amazing week.

The race itself wasn't so bad. I finished in the upper third out of 65 racers, so that was cool. There are a lot of strong people here and I was glad to leave everything out on the road against them.

The winds made things a bit tricky, especially on the decents.

The scenery was absolutely amazing. We road from Solvang to the Pacific Ocean. Mountains, water, sand: all awesome.

On a sour note, a really nice guy got in to a gnarly crash towards the turnaround. There have been entirely too many crashes this week and some people had to go to the hospital. I am lucky to leave this beautiful place alive and healthy.

I have an awkward tan, my legs feel strong and I had an amazing time. The only crappy thing is that I have to leave tomorrow.

I hope to have more pics up soon - Justin

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