Sunday, February 24, 2008

1 more day......

I am almost ready to go. Mentally, I have checked out. Physically, I still have a bit of packing to do.

Thanks to my good friend Libby, I have enough Clif Blocks to last for the next 3 years, so yay.

My carry-on bag is assembled.

I have:

- pedals
- helmet
- shoes
- power meter
- camera
- limited toiletries

This way, I can still ride in the event of an airline screw up *knock on wood*

I am exhausted and I want to go to bed or take a nap, but there is still laundry to be done and things to be packed.

Still, it will be worth it in less than 24 hours - Justin

1 comment:

velo5570 said...

hell yes man. you are almost there. dont worry about a thing, you are goign to do awesome. giselle will make you proud. you are a cliff block kinda guy? those things make me thirstier than all hell. good luck man.