Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 days until Camp......

I went all around Chicago today in search of nutrition, hydration and clothing for the forthcoming week.

Once I climb Mt. Figueroa (which will take a while), the winds up top will be pretty nasty and cold. For extra fun, I have to descend from said mountain at speeds close to 40 mph. Due to this, my feet will get cold. Thus, I purchased booties to cover my shoes and wool socks so my feet will be a little warmer.

For some reason, I cannot stand it when my feet are cold. My nose could have frostbite and my fingers could be solid ice, but when it comes to the feet, I need to make sure they are roasty-toasty.
While this proves to be a rather lame post, I promise you that it will get better - Justin

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