Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 3 - Hell of the West

It is now 2:13 pm PST and I am completely spent.

This morning included one of the, if not the hardest climb I have ever done in my life: Mount Figueroa.

Here are some interesting stats about this mountain:

- It is close to 11 miles to the very top.
- It averages a 7% gradient.
- 4100 total feet of climbing.
- It is a category 1 climb (second hardest category)

Basically, it was a sufferfest.

I started out in the middle of the pack and tried to hold a steady effort the entire time. This was done by looking at my power meter and measuring the amount of energy my legs were using. The idea is to hold the same amount of power during this type of workout. This was not accomplished because I literally ran out of gears, so I was putting out 270-300 watts the entire time and recovering when I had the chance.

There was a portion in the climb that was downhill, but unfortunately, I got caught in mud a couple of times and fell over.

I eventually caught up with the rest of the people and stormed to the top to the best of my ability.

(Forgive the amount of details regarding my emotions)

Waiting at the top was Robbie Ventura and several other people, along with sweet, sweet Gatorade. There are times in our lives that we yearn for something so much that we are willing to slay everyone in our way in order to do it. I was yearning pretty bad for Gatorade at this point.

After enjoying my place at the top of the world, I put on my arm and leg warmers and descended down the mountain.

Tale of the tape: 50+ miles, 2010 kJ (500 kCal) burned, 4 hours.

I am going to get a message later tonight and then eat a giant dinner.

Tomorrow, we will go for an easy ride and run, which should feel pretty nice.

On an unrelated note, "Protest the Hero" is an awesome band and you should check them out at some point.

Nap time, so I am out. Check out the new pictures- Justin


velo5570 said...

sounds like a crazy amount of climbing you did. when you put that you burnt 2000kJ or 500kcal.....hows that work? on a typical 2 or 3 hour hard ride i burn 2000 calories, or so my computer tells me. but i knwo you are goign off of your power meter so maybe it is different. how did you manage to get into mud? keep up the good work. oh. and are you there with teammates from your training place in chicago? i thought i noticed a bunch of you wearing the same jerseys in your first day pics.

Anna said...

Hooray! You slayed the beast!!!

Mr. Southpaw said...

That windmill place looks familiar. Was there an all leather shop there and a bunch of other mom-and-pop looking shops? There should also be a mini chocolate factory where they have demonstrations on how they make chocolate. If that's the place, then I know your inner tubby mcgoo was all over it.


velo5570 said...

those pics are from the same place that the movie Sideways was filmed, thats why it looked familiar to me at least.