Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 3: Part 2

I had to write this update because it is huge.

Let's start with the message:

I was told to go with Paul because he is better than the meth addict with the sunken eyes.

When I walked over to him, he reminded me of "The Comic Book Guy" from "The Simpsons". He even sounded like him!!!

Anyways, I told him that my quads/hammies/shoulders/lower back were sore.

Everything was fine until he got to my butt.

Once he got there, he exclaimed "wow, this is why your back is sore!!!!!"

For the next 20 minutes, he pounded it like a chef from "Chili's" trying to tenderize a piece of beef. It was really awkward.

After the massage, I came back for dinner.

20 minutes in to dinner, we had a special guest come in: The real winner of the 2006 Tour de France, Floyd Landis!!!!!

We had a short Q&A regarding his situation and the best dialouge of the night was the following exchange:

Wally: Floyd, if you go drinking with Rick tonight and climb Mt. Figueroa tomorrow, do you think I could beat you?

Floyd: First off, I will beat Rick in drinking and then I will beat you up the mountain.

Isn't cycling humor wonderful?

Anyways, he is going to ride with us tomorrow, so that should be fun.

Laters- Justin


velo5570 said...

haha, he pounded your butt for 20 minutes, sounds like a very hands on sort of camp.

HOLY SHIT. floyd landis is there and going to go riding wtih you guys. floyd IS the winner of the 2006 TdF, that is crazy man. i cant wait for more pics and updates.

Mr. Southpaw said...

Isn't this your 2nd time meeting the cheater? Congrats on meeting a cheater and a black mark on your sport....he's a "celeb" for all the wrong reasons.

Not sure if you've been following your baseball news, but check out the story on Spiezio. One word for him: idiot. Although, I'm still thankful to Spiezio for contributing in a huge way during the Angels' run to victory in 02.

Crazy 88 said...

Andy, it is certainly bad ass!!!

Nick, read a book!!!!